The Business of Anti-Semitism

Every good marketer will tell you that one of the first steps in selling a product is convincing a prospective buyer of their need for a product and/or service. If the consumer feels no lack in living without this particular object, then the entire impetus to buy is lost. Selling a country to people is no different. With a nation such as “Israel”, whose international reputation leaves much to be desired, they must create an impetus for people to take them seriously on the world stage. The answer – immigration. Though many libels have been directed at the Jewish People throughout their history, idiocy has not been one of them. If there is mass immigration to “Israel” by educated Jews from stable countries then, so the logic goes, there must be something to it. Now another problem rears its ugly head. How does one create an incentive on the other side? How do you persuade Diaspora Jews to move to such a…ummm…peaceful country?

Luckily for those in the Israeli immigration business, there is a solution. Media exposure. By adding their commentary to every minor incident that could possibly be interpreted as anti-Semitism, they create a feeling of uneasiness in Jews everywhere. A recent example is Israeli Knesset member Isaac Herzog’s (Zionist Union Party) statement last week where he expressed outrage, “… over the wave of anti-Semitic incidents and threats in the United States and said Israel should be preparing for the worst – a wave of Diaspora Jews fleeing to the Jewish state. I call on the government to urgently prepare and draw up a national emergency plan for the possibility of waves of immigration of our Jewish brothers to Israel.” Translation to Diaspora Jews: “you’re in grave danger, come over to us before it’s too late!” A decent impetus if there ever was one. Buy or die.

Isaac Herzog is only following tradition. The architect of the Zionist Dream/Nightmare, Theodor Herzl, wrote:

“It would be an excellent idea to call in respectable, accredited anti-Semites as liquidators of property. To the people they would vouch for the fact that we do not wish to bring about the impoverishment of the countries that we leave. At first they must not be given large fees for this; otherwise we shall spoil our instruments and make them despicable as ‘stooges of the Jews.’ Later their fees will increase, and in the end we shall have only Gentile officials in the countries from which we have emigrated. The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies.” (The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl. Vol. 1, pg. 83-84)

“Israel’s” first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, proudly preserved Herzl’s tradition. In an April, 1963, New York Times article he claimed that,

“Jews are in truth a separate element in the midst of the peoples among whom they live – an element that cannot be completely absorbed by any nation – and for this reason no nation can calmly tolerate it in its midst.” Delightful.

When those waiting for an excuse to release a bit of pent-up anti-Jewish feeling strike, then their point is authenticated and they take to the stage to trumpet their premonition of imminent disaster. The cycle becomes ever more vicious till many Jews feel no other alternative than to immigrate. As one French couple, Yohan and Yael Sahal, who moved several months ago to the West Bank settlement of Brukhin, said, “There are terror attacks and anti-Semitism in Paris as well, so it’s better to be in your own land, where at least you’ll have someone to protect you. If you have to be afraid, then at least you should be afraid somewhere that’s your home.” With “Israel” having a violent death rate over 9 times greater than France, the Sahal’s claim that there is “someone to protect you” falls a little flat. Not so strangely, the recent rise in French Jewish immigration to the Zionist State was followed by a sharp rise in anti-Semitic activity in France as a result of “Israel’s” Gaza offensive, Operation Protective Edge. As an aside, the worst year in terms of violent incidents against Jews around the globe in the last two decades was 2009, directly following Operation Cast Lead.

With the anti-Semitism stew bubbling away on the burner, what is the next step? Step in Nefesh B’Nefesh. No can deny that organizations such as Nefesh B’Nefesh are among a select group of marketers. When they recently held their annual “Israel” Mega Event in Manhattan, they drew a larger than ever crowd of more than 1,500, all interested in leaving the hazardous environment of America for the safe shores of “Israel”, where one can live in peace without constantly fearing for ones life (insert sarcasm). The NYC Mega Event isn’t the only one. Nefesh B’Nefesh plans to hold events this year in Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles.

The constant media exposure which insinuates that the terms “Israel” and “Jew” are somehow synonyms only fortifies the position of both Zionists and Anti-Semites.

Our Sages knew for thousands of years that keeping a low profile is the best defense against bigotry. Over-exposure only gives license to those seeking an excuse to wreak havoc. Out of sight out of mind. True Torah Jews wishes to say this:

Just as our forefathers throughout the long years of our exile wished only to unassumingly serve G-d, so this is our wish. We don’t wish to be headlines on the worlds newspapers or top stories on the evening news. And we don’t wish to be associated in any way, shape or form with the State of “Israel” and their yes-men. This is the sentiment of the hundreds of thousands of Anti-Zionist Jews throughout the world. To “Israel” – leave us alone.

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L’antisémitisme, arme d’intimidation massive

Dans un monde où le ressassement médiatique tient lieu de preuve irréfutable, certains mots sont des mots-valises, des signifiants interchangeables dont l’usage codifié à l’avance est propice à toutes les manipulations. De perpétuels glissements de sens autorisant le passage insidieux d’un terme à l’autre, rien ne s’oppose à l’inversion maligne par laquelle le bourreau se fait victime, la victime se fait bourreau, et l’antisionisme devient un antisémitisme, comme l’a affirmé Manuel Valls, premier chef de gouvernement français à avoir proféré une telle insulte. Au moment où « l’intifada des couteaux », en outre, est renvoyée par certains à la haine ancestrale pour les juifs, il n’est pas inutile de se demander pourquoi cette assimilation classique et néanmoins frauduleuse occupe une fonction essentielle dans le discours dominant.

Depuis soixante-dix ans, tout se passe comme si l’invisible remords de l’holocauste garantissait à l’entreprise sioniste une impunité absolue. Avec la création de l’Etat hébreu, l’Europe se délivrait miraculeusement de ses démons séculaires. Elle s’octroyait un exutoire au sentiment de culpabilité qui la rongeait secrètement pour ses turpitudes antisémites. Portant sur ses épaules la responsabilité du massacre des juifs, elle cherchait le moyen de se débarrasser à tout prix de ce fardeau. L’aboutissement du projet sioniste lui offrit cette chance. En applaudissant à la création de l’État juif, l’Europe se lavait de ses fautes. Simultanément, elle offrait au sionisme l’opportunité d’achever la conquête de la Palestine.
Ce rachat par procuration de la conscience européenne, Israël s’y prêta doublement. Il reporta d’abord sa violence vengeresse sur un peuple innocent de ses souffrances, puis il offrit à l’Occident les avantages d’une alliance dont il fut payé en retour. L’un et l’autre liaient ainsi leur destin par un pacte néo-colonial. Le triomphe de l’Etat hébreu soulageait la conscience européenne, tout en lui procurant le spectacle narcissique d’une victoire sur les barbares. Unis pour le meilleur et pour le pire, ils s’accordaient mutuellement l’absolution sur le dos du monde arabe en lui transférant le poids des persécutions antisémites. En vertu d’une convention tacite, Israël pardonnait à l’Europe sa passivité face au génocide, et l’Europe lui laissait les mains libres en Palestine.
Son statut exceptionnel, Israël le doit à ce transfert de dette par lequel l’Occident s’est défaussé de ses responsabilités sur un tiers. Parce qu’il fut l’antidote au mal absolu, qu’il plongeait ses racines dans l’enfer des crimes nazis, Israël ne pouvait être que l’incarnation du bien. Mieux encore qu’une sacralité biblique aux références douteuses, c’est cette sacralité historique qui justifie l’immunité d’Israël dans la conscience européenne. En y adhérant implicitement, les puissances occidentales l’inscrivent dans l’ordre international. Le résultat est indéniable : avalisée par les maîtres du monde, la profession de foi sioniste devient loi d’airain planétaire.
L’invocation du sacré démonisant toujours son contraire, cette sacralité d’Israël ôte alors toute légitimité aux oppositions qu’il suscite. Toujours suspecte, la réprobation d’Israël frôle la profanation. Contester l’entreprise sioniste est le blasphème par excellence, car c’est porter atteinte à ce qui est inviolable pour la conscience européenne. C’est pourquoi le déni de légitimité morale opposé à l’antisionisme repose sur un postulat simplissime dont l’efficacité ne faiblit pas avec l’usage : l’antisionisme est un antisémitisme. Combattre Israël, ce serait, par essence, haïr les juifs, être animé du désir de rejouer la Shoah, rêver les yeux ouverts de réitérer l’holocauste.
L’antisionisme a beau se définir comme un refus raisonné du sionisme, l’admettre comme tel serait encore faire un compromis avec l’inacceptable. Empreint d’une causalité diabolique, l’antisionisme est moralement disqualifié, mis hors jeu en vertu de l’anathème qui le frappe. On a beau rappeler que la Palestine n’est pas la propriété d’une ethnie ou d’une confession, que la résistance palestinienne n’a aucune connotation raciale, que le refus du sionisme est fondé sur le droit des peuples à l’autodétermination, ces arguments rationnels n’ont aucune chance d’être entendus. L’antisionisme s’inscrit depuis un siècle dans le champ politique, mais il se voit constamment opposer une forme d’irrationalité qui n’a décidément rien de politique.
L’assimilation frauduleuse de l’antisémitisme et de l’antisionisme, il est vrai, procure deux avantages symboliques. Le premier est à usage interne. Cette assimilation limite drastiquement la liberté d’expression, elle tétanise toute pensée non conforme en l’inhibant à la source. Elle génère une autocensure qui, sur fond de culpabilité inconsciente, impose par intimidation, ou suggère par prudence, un mutisme de bon aloi sur les exactions israéliennes. Mais cette assimilation mensongère est aussi à usage externe. Elle vise alors à disqualifier l’opposition politique et militaire à l’occupation sioniste. Cible privilégiée de cet amalgame, la résistance arabe se voit renvoyée à la haine supposée ancestrale qu’éprouveraient les musulmans pour les juifs.

Ce qui anime les combattants arabes relèverait d’une répulsion instinctive pour une race maudite, et non d’une aspiration légitime à la fin de l’occupation étrangère. La chaîne des assimilations abusives, en dernière instance, conduit à l’argument éculé qui constitue l’ultime ressort de la doxa : la « reductio ad hitlerum », la souillure morale par nazification symbolique, dernier degré d’une calomnie dont il reste toujours quelque chose. Terroriste parce qu’antisioniste, antisioniste parce qu’antisémite, la résistance arabe cumulerait donc les infamies. Les attaques au couteau ne seraient pas l’effet explosif d’une humiliation collective, dit-on, mais le fruit de la haine inextinguible pour les juifs. Seule force qui ne cède pas devant les exigences de l’occupant, la résistance, pour prix de son courage, subira alors le tir croisé des accusations occidentales et des brutalités sionistes. Et comme si la supériorité militaire de l’occupant ne suffisait pas, il faut encore qu’il se targue d’une supériorité morale dont ses crimes coloniaux, pourtant, attestent l’inanité.


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‘Zionist corruption of UK politics exposed’

The current witch-hunt for anti-Semites in the United Kingdom demonstrates just how corrupt the British political establishment has become under the influence of foreign interests and exposes the tactics of infiltration, extortion, and bribery used by the Zionist lobby,  a political analyst has said.

Barry Grossman, who is based on the Indonesian island of Bali, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Monday while commenting on Britain’s Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to give in to calls from Israeli officials and British Jewish figures to denounce Islamic resistance movements Hamas and Hezbollah.

Corbyn has come under pressure from a number of Labour lawmakers, Israeli Ambassador to London Mark Regev and Jewish leaders in the UK to distance himself from Labour politicians’ recent remarks condemning Israeli crimes against Palestinians, as well as groups fighting against the Tel Aviv regime’s occupation of the Palestinian lands.

Pro-Israeli figures have accused the Labour Party leader of being soft on “anti-Semitism” in the party, which was forced to launch an inquiry into how to tackle the issue.

One Labour Party donor, Michael Foster, said that Jews have not given any money to the party since Corbyn took office because those around him “vilify” Jews and “shout down” people who attempt to defend Israel.

Israeli interference in Britain’s political process

“The ongoing machinations in the United Kingdom are fascinating, as anything but progressive Labour Party insiders relegated to the margins by Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to power, actually work with the Conservative Party and members of Israel’s Knesset to make unprecedented demands of the British Labour leader,” Grossman said.

“These machinations and the nothing less than outrageous interference in Britain’s political process not just by Israeli bagmen, but by Netanyahu himself and a virtual ‘who’s who’ of Israeli political elite, exposes the stand-over tactics long used by Zionists to strong-arm politicians around the world into uncritically embracing and promoting their agenda, no matter how obscene, unlawful and unjust it may be,” he added.

“If that is not already enough, the really quite absurd complaints made by the Labour Party’s shadow chancellor to the effect that ‘no-one of Jewish faith has given money to the central party since Mr. Corbyn took office because those around him vilify Jews and shout down people who attempt to defend Israel,’ also exposes the effectiveness of Israel’s preferred tactic of bribing foreign politicians in order influence their government’s foreign policy,” he stated.

Embarrassingly corrupt witch-hunt

“Watching this embarrassingly corrupt witch-hunt that, without coincidence, has unfolded just as the British prepare to go to the polls, demonstrates just how corrupt the sell-outs comprising the British old guard in politics on both sides of the contrived ideological divide have become,” Grossman said.

“On the Labour side, those who are openly opposed to their own leader and the party’s majority quite clearly prefer the money of foreign lobbyists, to embracing their own party leadership, even if that means occupying the opposition benches for the foreseeable future,” he stated.

“As for the laughable accusations of anti-Semitism being flung about, those orchestrating this with-hunt may well be salivating over the traction they are getting in Britain’s corrupt, pro-Zionist media;  but the British people – self-obsessed and apathetic about foreign affairs as they may often be –  are certainly not stupid,” he noted.

“It does not take any great degree of genius to understand that criticizing Israel’s excesses and war crimes or referring to the historical relationship which the Political Zionist leadership had with the Nazi Party is in no way anti-Semitic, no matter that the Zionist lobby has gone so far as to compel the publisher of Webster’s International Dictionary of the English Language to redefine anti-Semitism as including any support for the enemies of Israel or criticism of Israel itself. In any case, Webster’s is an American publication which promotes a regional variation of English which is hardly English at all,” the analyst pointed out.

“The tightly controlled British media’s enthusiasm to echo the  preposterous allegations being bandied about within the Labour Party and against members like Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah, George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn who, in reality, have little in common, only exposes the extent to which the tightly controlled British media is also fully under the sway of foreigners and executives who have sold out to the Zionist lobby in the same way the bulk of Britain’s  once embarrassingly proud political establishment now dances to the tune of the all powerful Zionist lobby,” he said.

Hats off to Mr. Corbyn!

“Bearing in mind the violent Zionist occupation of Palestine and the related cultural genocide which have persisted now for more than 6 decades, claims expressed by Israeli politicians in the context of this witch-hunt that Hezbollah and Hamas are also anti-Semitic come across as being all the more absurd. Bearing in mind how the Zionist lobby has redefined the anti-Semitism to include any and all opposition to Zionist policy, it would be ludicrous for anyone to expect organizations representing Palestinian interests to be anything but opposed to their occupiers. If they want to call that anti-Semitism, then so be it,” Grossman said.

“All we can do is take our hats off and salute the courage of Mr. Corbyn to reject calls to demonize Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinians even if the practical realities of the now fully corrupted British political process sometimes requires him to make compromises in order to retain power and advance his progressive agenda,” he said.

“It is indeed refreshing to at last see a senior Atlantic World politician refuse to be intimidated and stick to his well-developed and informed sense that Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian people – unlike their occupiers – are no enemy of the United Kingdom,  despite the unforgivable crimes committed by the British in selling out Palestinians to the Zionist terrorists starting immediately after WW1 right through until their unilateral declaration of independence made in direct violation of the international community’s efforts in 1948 to find a solution for Palestine that preserved the rights of both Palestinians and those European Jews who, in the aftermath of WW2, streamed illegally into Palestine often still wearing concentration camp uniforms on their arrival years after the Nazis were defeated and the camps liberated,” the commentator emphasized.

“Meanwhile, British citizens from all walks of life from the progressives, who  supporter Jeremy Corbyn in vast numbers, to the absurd hard right  comprising Britain First’s constituency would do well to ask themselves just when their nation’s political establishment became so pathetically obsequious in their pandering to foreign interests,” Grossman concluded.

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Capitale finanziario e antisemitismo

Ogni settimana prendono vita in Germania le cosiddette „manifestazioni del lunedì” all’insegna della protesta contro le malefatte del capitale finanziario e, più concretamente, dei suoi rappresentanti nella BCE, nel FMI e soprattutto nelle congregazioni mafiose che fanno capo a Rockefeller, a Soros e ad altri meno conosciuti malfattori.

Questi signori non si limitano a speculare al rialzo sul prezzo del grano, a spingere alla rovina le economie dei paesi sottosviluppati distruggendone –ove si presenti l’occasione- la stabilità finanziaria, a convincere le oligarchie degli stati satelliti a spendere miliardi per armarsi fino ai denti, ma si arrogano anche il diritto di influenzare la scelta dei candidati alle più alte cariche politiche che, una volta nominati, si sentiranno in dovere di assecondare i desideri ”… anzi gli ordini dei loro “benefattori”.

Per i finanzieri che comandano a Washington, il presidente degli USA è soltanto un attore cui si richiedono bella presenza e loquacità, un impiegato che potrà sperare di venir rieletto solo se i giornalisti-mercenari dei grandi mezzi d’informazione (di proprietà dei suddetti finanzieri) avranno la bontà di lodare il loro saggio operato in difesa della “democrazia”, una democrazia che, per i popoli del terzo mondo significa soltanto sanzioni, guerra e massacri mirati o indiscriminati  a seconda dei casi o delle convenienze.

Non sarà fuori luogo ricordare che questi impiegati avranno la certezza di rimanere in vita soltanto quando, a differenza di quanto Lincoln in tempi lontani, e più recentemente Kennedy, si asterranno dal compiere “atti inconsulti”. Fino a quando cioè essi rispetteranno scrupolosamente la proprietà privata della famiglia Rockefeller sulla Federal Bank, una banca che emette moneta sopportando i costi di carta e inchiostro e addebitando il valore nominale stampato sulle banconote al popolo nordamericano, e di conseguenza a tutte quelle nazioni che, per necessità o per corruzione dei loro governi, accettano il dollaro come moneta di riferimento.

Nessuno può oggi negare o dissimulare la mostruosità dei massacri consumati in epoca recente dai burattini politici assoldati dal capitale finanziario:  Vietnam, Libano, Nicaragua, 11 settembre 2001, Afghanistan, Jugoslavia, Iraq, Libia, Siria. A milioni ammontano le vittime cadute sull’altare del dollaro … in difesa dei presunti valori della libertà e della democrazia.

Solo qualche tanto ingenuo quanto accanito telespettatore o lettore della “libera stampa” può nutrire ancora qualche dubbio su questo punto.

Ecco allora che una banda di provocatori non potendo negare l’evidenza dei fatti, e volendo confondere le acque con l’obiettivo di nascondere le responsabilità dei criminali sin qui descritti, avendo scoperto che alcuni di essi sono di religione (si fa per dire) ebraica, si rivolgono trionfanti agli organizzatori delle manifestazioni del lunedì con l’infamante accusa di antisemitismo.

Ma chi è davvero antisemita? È davvero antisemita chi crede di poter assolvere gli assassini nel loro insieme perché alcuni di loro sono ebrei? O non è proprio questa, al contrario, una manifestazione del peggior antisemitismo? Non è di fatto antisemita chi pretende di far ricadere su tutti gli ebrei le colpe della finanza internazionale e del razzismo omicida di Israele?

Ad una persona dotata di normale buon senso vien instillata l’idea che, non solo agli ebrei “tutto” è concesso, che essi perseguono finalità criminali e che addirittura l’ordine costituito non permetta di condannare i comportamenti di una qualsiasi cosca mafiosa… se a far parte di essa c’è un ebreo. Il loro ragionamento: siccome Frankenstein è ebreo, allora non è permesso criticarlo.

Questi sedicenti nemici dell’antisemitismo, stanno in realtà non solo dando attendibilità alle tesi dei “protocolli” ma li stanno superando in perversione e raffinatezza.

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi – ProMosaik e.V.

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Le verità storiche e inconfessate del collaborazionismo sionista con l’antisemitismo nazifascista

di Fronte Palestina 

Nel 70° Anniversario della Liberazione dal nazifascismo,
contro il revisionismo storico e il negazionismo sionista

Il presente lavoro di approfondimento storico e politico si è reso necessario a fronte dei ripetuti assalti alla ricorrenza della Liberazione dal nazifascismo, condotta dall’Ambasciata d’Israele tramite le frange sioniste e più aggressive delle comunità ebraiche in Italia. Negli ultimi anni, infatti, si sono moltiplicati i tentativi, diretti e indiretti, di queste agenzie di manipolare la Storia, tentando di piegarla alla propria agenda politica e istituzionale. Con un duplice obiettivo: riscrivere gli avvenimenti storici in modo da “intestarsi” una tappa cruciale, espropriandola dei suoi contenuti politici di classe e antifascisti, sostituendoli con una memoria parziale ed esclusiva per le vittime ebree, escludendo tutte le altre vittime dei campi di concentramento (prigionieri politici, cittadini sovietici, altre minoranza etniche, religiose e sessuali, etc) e, di conseguenza, far lavorare questa “nuova” narrazione con lo scopo di legittimare l’Entità sionista e la sua politica colonialista e di Apartheid contro gli arabo-palestinesi.

Il leit motiv ideologico è che i palestinesi dovrebbero pagare, con il proprio genocidio, il prezzo storico dello sterminio degli ebrei operato dai regimi nazifascisti, la cui colpa ricade invece sulle classi dominanti europee, oggi presuntamente democratiche, che utilizzarono la ferocia e il razzismo delle camicie nere contro il movimento operaio e comunista. E ancora che l’entità sionista, in quanto “stato ebraico”, costituirebbe una dovuta compensazione e una necessità difensiva per gli ebrei che vi sono giunti come coloni e addirittura per gli ebrei di tutto il mondo, alla quale dunque dovrebbe essere data licenza piena di azione politica e militare, in senso espansionista, guerrafondaio e destabilizzante, in Medio Oriente, in tutto il mondo arabo e a livello globale.

Il Cavallo di Troia di questa operazione è, innanzitutto, la sopravvalutazione del ruolo della Brigata Ebraica ai danni della guerriglia partigiana antifascista e comunista, inversamente ridimensionata col beneplacito della borghesia italiana, in particolare con l’accondiscendenza dei partiti della “sinistra” istituzionale e di alcuni dirigenti dell’ANPI, da questi eterodiretti.

Un tentativo che ripete quello precedentemente andato “in porto” con la manipolazione del “Giorno della Memoria” del 27 Gennaio (Legge 20/7/2000 n. 211, pubblicata nella Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 177 del 31/7/ 2000), che originariamente deliberato come “Istituzione del Giorno della Memoria in ricordo dello sterminio e delle persecuzioni del popolo ebraico e dei deportati militari e politici italiani nei campi nazisti”, sotto l’incalzare del pressoché unanime allineamento sionista a livello politico-mediatico è stato “mutilato” dei contenuti antifascisti e anticollaborazionisti, divenendo unicamente il Ricordo della Shoa, di stampo revisionista.

Un assalto in cui, come a Roma il 25 Aprile 2014, non sono mancati episodi squadristici da parte delle organizzazioni sioniste come la LED di Roma, capeggiata dal fascistoide e paradossale rampollo (Riccardo) di una famiglia (Pacifici) di ebrei deportati ad Auschwitz, che aggredivano militanti antisionisti e filopalestinesi colpevoli di sventolare le bandiere palestinesi nella manifestazione cittadina organizzata dall’ANPI, volendo imporre le bandiere dello Stato d’Israele mistificandole come quelle della Brigata Ebraica. Addirittura tentando l’assalto al palco dell’ANPI per imporre il proprio comizio, fieramente respinto dalla piazza.

Questa manovra, non casualmente, fa il paio con il contestuale disegno di legge approvato praticamente all’unanimità al Senato nel febbraio 2015 e che “punisce il negazionismo, l’apologia e la minimizzazione della Shoah, dei genocidi, dei crimini contro l’umanità e dei crimini di guerra con la reclusione fino a tre anni”, modificando l’articolo 3 della legge 13 ottobre 1975, n. 654 della cosiddetta legge Reale.

“La norma è stata il frutto di una lunga collaborazione tra le istituzioni italiane e le Comunità ebraiche e porterà all’attuazione anche in Italia della Decisione quadro europea 2008/913/GAI che obbliga gli Stati membri a combattere e a sanzionare penalmente certe forme – anziché tutte, ndr – ed espressioni di razzismo, xenofobia e dell’istigazione all’odio” come ha sottolineato in una nota, il presidente dell’Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane, Renzo Gattegna.

Fare una legge sul negazionismo praticando il negazionismo e il revisionismo storico sembra essere la cifra dell’agire sionista di oggi, che riproduce il simile modus operandi, cinico e collaborazionista, dei sionisti di ieri al cospetto del Fascismo e del Nazismo. Dai fatti storici analizzati si evince, infatti, una spregiudicatezza nella direzione e nelle formazioni sioniste di allora che, mentre le comunità ebraiche europee venivano spazzate via dalla furia antisemita dell’Asse nazifascista, con lo stesso intrattenevano immorali “convergenze” politiche e logistiche con i pianificatori dello sterminio, per pianificare e trarne in qualche modo vantaggio nella prospettiva della colonizzazione della Palestina. I martiri dei lager non possono essere utilizzati per giustificare il progressivo olocausto che il sionismo sta praticando in Palestina dal 1948 ad oggi.

Per questo sarebbe un gravissimo errore politico e storico quello di non lottare contro il negazionismo storico della classe dirigente imperial-sionista italiana affinché non riesca in questa operazione di manipolazione. Per questo sarà importante denunciarla e impedirla in tutte le occasioni propizie. A partire dal prossimo 25 Aprile 2015, in cui cade il 70° Anniversario della Liberazione dal Nazifascismo, ricordiamo che quella guerra di popolo fu innanzitutto condotta dalle formazioni partigiane proletarie – soprattutto comuniste – e non da qualche colono sionista inquadrato in qualche distaccamento anglofono “alleato”.

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Israeli antisemitic attack on BDS

Thursday, 06 June 2013

The Palestinian BDS National Committee is organizing a strategic conference in Bethlehem University on Saturday, June 8th This initiative is right on time. Just this week, exploited the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism to once again conflate anti-Semitism with political criticisms of Israeli policies. BDS activists beware: Israel seeks to replicate anti-BDS French laws in other countries.

The international BDS campaign is definitely worrying the Israeli authorities. The BDS-skeptical, who claim that BDS has only a very limited impact on Israeli decision makers, if at all, should follow the latest Israeli attempts to counter-attack. These attempts reflect the beginning of panic among Israeli policy makers.

Two years ago the Israeli Knesset passed a law that criminalises any call for boycott or sanctions, and allows alleged victims of such calls to claim  compensation, even when direct harm is not proven. Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom and others have decided to challenge the law in the Israeli Supreme Court. According to the plaintiffs, the law is unconstitutional as it harms the rights of free speech and freedom of opinion.

One must clarify that, unlike the BDS call, Gush Shalom limits its campaign to the boycott of settlement products.

In a written response, the State Attorney’s office admits that there are indeed “constitutional problems in the anti boycott law”. In fact, the law passed despite the opposition of Israel’s government legal adviser, who had assessed that the law may well be cancelled by the Supreme Court. A decision of the Supreme Court is not expected in the near future.

This week in Jerusalem, the Israeli Foreign Ministry hosted the Fourth international conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism. What is the connection?

In the plan of action of that Forum, which ostensibly claims to fight anti-Semitism, one can read the following

“Divide Responsibilities – Rather than everyone trying to do everything, identify the comparative advantage of each organization to maximize their effectiveness in proactively and reactively addressing delegitimization threats. The British approach could be a model. For example, encourage groups with ties to labor to focus on working with unions, those with expertise in international relations to devote their attention to members of UN agencies, those involved in media and PR to concentrate on journalists and messaging, those with legal expertise to explore legal avenues for fighting BDS and those active on campus with students, faculty and other stakeholders.

Enhance Intelligence Capabilities – We need to have more information about the organizations promoting delegitimization, including their membership, funding and planned activities.  Nations, foundations and other funders supporting BDS should be named and shamed. Map connections between BDS organizations and their supporters, such as the PA [Palestinian Authority]. Also investigate the BDS efforts toward multinational corporations.

Improve Rapid Response Capabilities – this is one area that has improved since the last Global Forum. By making better use of LAN, the Dream Team and other organized responders, we can provide advice, resources and anything else that local stakeholders may need or want to determine how to respond to BDS campaigns in communities and on campus.

Using Legal Measures – Identify laws that can be used in different countries or states to fight discriminatory practices such as BDS. French law is a model that should be strengthened and replicated where possible.”

That motion confirms the importance of BDS, and the need expressed by the state of Israel and its friends to launch a comprehensive counter-offensive. Nothing new and nothing illegitimate in itself. Except for one important matter: the intentional mix between criticising Israeli politics and even de-legitimising the state of Israel, and anti-Semitism. The participants of that Global Forum know very well the difference between the two, but once again Israel’s propaganda machine cynically instrumentalises the awful accusation of anti-Semitism to de-legitimise legitimate political criticism of Israel.

BDS France should pay attention to the special mention of the “French law as a model [that] should be replicated where possible”. Indeed, during Sarkozy’s presidency, the French government instructed the state attorneys to submit criminal charges against whoever calls for BDS (“Alliot-Marie Instruction”). No other country, except Israel, has adopted such a policy. It is time to cancel this outrageous instruction that makes France the only country where BDS activists are sent to trial.

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Amira Hass: The anti-Semitism that goes unreported

18 July 2012
By Amira Hass, Haaretz – 18 July 2012
Tens of thousands of people live in the shadow of terror

Here’s a statistic that you won’t see in research on anti-Semitism, no matter how meticulous the study is. In the first six months of the year, 154 anti-Semitic assaults have been recorded, 45 of them around one village alone. Some fear that last year’s record high of 411 attacks – significantly more than the 312 attacks in 2010 and 168 in 2009 – could be broken this year.

Fifty-eight incidents were recorded in June alone, including stone-throwing targeting farmers and shepherds, shattered windows, arson, damaged water pipes and water-storage facilities, uprooted fruit trees and one damaged house of worship. The assailants are sometimes masked, sometimes not; sometimes they attack surreptitiously, sometimes in the light of day.

There were two violent attacks a day, in separate venues, on July 13, 14 and 15. The words “death” and “revenge” have been scrawled in various areas; a more original message promises that “We will yet slaughter.”

It’s no accident that the diligent anti-Semitism researchers have left out this data. That’s because they don’t see it as relevant, since the Semites who were attacked live in villages with names like Jalud, Mughayer and At-Tuwani, Yanun and Beitilu. The daily dose of terrorizing (otherwise known as terrorism ) that is inflicted on these Semites isn’t compiled into a neat statistical report, nor is it noticed by most of the Jewish population in Israel and around the world – even though the incidents resemble the stories told by our grandparents.

The day our grandparents feared was Sunday, the Christian Sabbath; the Semites, who are not of interest to the researchers monitoring anti-Semitism, fear Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Our grandparents knew that the order-enforcement authorities wouldn’t intervene to help a Jewish family under attack; we know that the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, the Civil Administration, the Border Police and the courts all stand on the sidelines, closing their eyes, softballing investigations, ignoring evidence, downplaying the severity of the acts, protecting the attackers, and giving a boost to those progromtchiks.The hands behind these attacks belong to Israeli Jews who violate international law by living in the West Bank. But the aims and goals behind the attacks are the flesh and blood of the Israeli non-occupation. This systemic violence is part of the existing order. It complements and facilitates the violence of the regime, and what the representatives – the brigade commanders, the battalion commanders, the generals and the Civil Administration officers – are doing while “bearing the burden” of military service.

They are grabbing as much land as possible, using pretexts and tricks made kosher by the High Court of Justice; they are confining the natives to densely populated reservations. That is the essence of the tremendous success known as Area C: a deliberate thinning of the Palestinian population in about 62 percent of the West Bank, as preparation for formal annexation.

Day after day, tens of thousands of people live in the shadow of terror. Will there be an attack today on the homes at the edge of the village? Will we be able to get to the well, to the orchard, to the wheat field? Will our children get to school okay, or make it to their cousins’ house unharmed? How many olive trees were damaged overnight?

In exceptional cases, when there is luck to be had, a video camera operated by B’Tselem volunteers documents an incident and pierces the armor of willful ignorance donned by the citizens of the only democracy in the Middle East. When there is no camera, the matter is of negligible importance, because after all, you can’t believe the Palestinians. But this routine of escalating violence is very real, even if it is underreported.

For the human rights organization Al-Haq, the escalation is reminiscent of what happened in 1993-1994, when they warned that the increasing violence, combined with the authorities’ failure to take action, would lead to mass casualties. And then Dr. Baruch Goldstein of Kiryat Arba came along and gunned down 29 Muslim worshipers at the Ibrahim Mosque. The massacre set the stage for a consistent Israeli policy of emptying the Old City of Hebron of its Palestinian residents, with the assistance of Israeli Jewish pogromtchiks. Is there someone among the country’s decision-makers and decision-implementers who is hoping for a second round?